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Queue Management

Queue Management

The SOLARI solution for managing user flows is the most valid tool for all companies that offer services to the public that use a certain number of branches used for the provision of services.
Managing primarily means:
DIRECT the user in a simple and intuitive way to the desired service counter, using devices such as the ticket dispenser and summary and counter displays.
HAVE a branch management tool that makes it flexible and extremely functional (for example, based on the number of users queuing for each service offered, assigning priority to some services or assigning more than one to the same branch).
The system consists of:
Touch-screen DISPENSER, to choose the service and obtain the booking ticket;
Room LCD-FTF DISPLAY, for viewing the last tickets served;
TFT or LED counter DISPLAY, to display the number currently served;
SolarQ software APPLICATION for:
– configure the devices in use;
– monitor the functioning of these;
– analyze the data regarding the provision of services and the operation of the plant;
– elaborate statistical reports.

The software - solariQ

The solariQ software can be divided into two macro programs: the management software for configuring and controlling the entire system and the software for coordinating the counter activities.
The main objective of this application is to automatically direct users to the free counter that provides the requested service, taking into account the priority assigned. It is a web-based program used by the user to configure the system, monitor the operation of all the devices that make up the system and produce statistics relating to the use of the services offered. The software is modular and this allows to meet the different needs of both small plants and more complex and articulated ones.
It is a web application that allows the clerk to fully manage all counter operations.
The program allows you to call the next user, to indicate whether the user has presented himself or not and to manage suspended tickets, that is, users already called in time but who have not presented themselves at the counter. Also, you can pause or close the door.

software screen sample

operator console

Touch-screen dispensers

The SOLARI solution dispenser works in a simple and intuitive way, just press the button of the desired service and collect the ticket that indicates your turn.
What makes this tool flexible and sophisticated is the ability to customize graphics. The vertical layout allows a better arrangement of the buttons for which it is possible to define the number to be displayed, the color and for the textual information the font and relative size. It is also possible to reserve an area of ​​the display for dedicated information, images or logos.
Each button shows the wording of the service, the number of users waiting and the average waiting time. In this way the user has full visibility on the time and can decide whether to proceed with the ticket request. When the service is not available, its buttons are inactive. The ticket shows standard information (date and time, requested service, call number, number of users in queue and average waiting time) but can also print other information such as text, logo or images, all customizable. The thermal printer is equipped with sensors for real-time signaling to the central system and to the counter operators of the “almost out of paper ” and “out of paper” statuses.

ETK 1615

ETK 1623

ETK 1610


The screens are multifunction devices and they can be made with LED or TFT matrix.

tft summary screen

tft screen

led screen

APP solariQ

An APP designed to book tickets from smartphones and tablets.

Digital signage

Digital signage is a form of communication, based on the distribution of multimedia content in digital format (video, images, static and dynamic texts) on electronic screens such as LCD-TFT displays.

summary screen

tft screen

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