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Smartphone and tablet APP

SolariP App

The mobile device, constantly at hand, has become the most popular technological medium we have. Used in an access control solution, it combines the security of personal identity with ease of use when opening doors and unlocking barriers. The SolariP APPs for employees and visitors allow you to use your smartphone as a virtual badge instead of traditional badges. While employees are users already recognized by the system, visitors must first be identified, then registered and only then can they be invited to enter the company for a visit organized by an employee.
The solution allows iOS and Android smartphones to communicate with Solari terminals and reading heads using NFC, Bluetooth or optical technologies (QR code).


SolariE .Escape App

In the workplace where there is an obligation to draw up the emergency plan connected with the risk assessment, workers must participate in exercises carried out at least once a year, to put into practice the exodus and first aid procedures. In such situations, the evacuation of people from each specific area of the workplace must proceed to a meeting point where the safety of the personnel and the possibility for the person in charge to verify that all the people are actually present is guaranteed. . Coordinating the evacuation of employees from the workplace is a complex activity that can be lightened by using the solarE mobile app. During an evacuation, the access control system allows you to check how many people have reached the collection point and identifies people still in a potentially dangerous situation.
This information is visible on both smartphones and tablets of the emergency teams.


SolariQ App

An App created to book tickets from smartphones and tablets SOLARI DI UDINE SPA continues its innovation process taking into account the new tools that have become everyday use, such as smartphones and tablets, to simplify the management of users’ time. We have developed new systems for the management of waits, to optimize and make more efficient the services provided by our customers. Grab a ticket with SolariQ, follow the progress of the queue in real time and reach your destination in comfort. A notification will let you know when it’s your turn.
The app allows you to:
– search for structures near you;
– find out in advance the number of people in the waiting room;
– request and / or book a service;
– be updated in real time on the progress of the queue.


SolariC .IN / OUT App

The start / end transactions can be carried out, as well as with the classic badge and a reader terminal, even on the move. The stampings, precise and certified thanks to geo-localization, are carried out with a simple touch on the smartphone screen, to be then sent to the central server: all the data present and entered from the mobile are synchronized in real time and available in the management software in use a company.

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