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Access control solutions

Access control

The software

SOLARI has developed a reliable, functional, highly scalable “Check & In” application software designed also for high volumes of data.
Thanks to the web technology adopted in “Check & In”, it is not necessary to carry out any installation on the workstations.

The system administrator, through the creation of profiles, defines the areas that can be consulted and the functions for each operator. For the employee there is a procedure that allows you to credit the visitor who will have to visit him and summarize the visits received. Numerous features are available for the concierge attendant, including recording visits or issuing temporary badges. In emergency situations, emergency lists can be generated containing the list of employees and visitors who must be found at the collection points in case of evacuation.

“TermTalk” deals with the transfer of information from the network of terminals and concentrators to the database of the various application software, with the configuration and monitoring of the system status and with the diagnostics necessary to identify system malfunctions.
The “TermTalk” Enterprise version is SAP certified.


There are many APPs developed by Solari in the Access Control area. For more information, please follow the link below.


In some situations it is possible to simplify the architecture by using the terminals for the management of attendance that can perform the same functions as the concentrator and reading heads. This configuration can also be used to dedicate a terminal or a set of terminals to bookings of a group of employees.

LBX 2810

LBX 2910

LBX 2910 Biometrico


Concentrators represent the heart of the access control solution; the CCN7210 model has been designed to perform the function of gate controller. The CCN 7890 has been designed to manage up to 24 peripherals. The gate is controlled both during the transit of the user and in the rest condition: any unauthorized opening can thus be reported to the central system and activate an alarm signal.

Tampering with the reading heads can be detected and notified to the central system.


The concentrators communicate with the central system on an Ethernet local network with TCP / IP and SOAP protocols. The adoption of standard protocols guarantees operation in the normal connection infrastructures generally present in the various installations. These devices are fully configurable from the central system and it is also possible to update the control program of each individual concentrator remotely.


ccn 7890 / CCN 7210

Reading heads

The reading heads of the LBR and LBX families perform the function of interface with the user; they can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

They differ in the technology of the document reader.

The small size allows easy assembly even in limited spaces such as the jamb of a door or a column.

The reading heads are available in the versions:

– magnetic strip;

– radio frequency;

– biometric fingerprint;

– long range radio frequency.

All models are equipped with keyboard for pin typing, buzzer and status LEDs. Some models have displays.

LBX 2901

LBR 2803

Long range reading head

People counter

The heart of the PEOPLE COUNTER device is a stereoscopic camera system controlled by a powerful processor capable of processing images in real time.

The people counter records the people entering and leaving separately. The device, after detecting the input or output data, sends the information to the Solari Check & In access control software, which is able to process the information received:

– the number of people present, also divided by areas;

– fixed a defined parameter, it can control the number of people present per area and report the anomaly in case of exceeding the set parameter;

– compare the number of people present with the bookings made.

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