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Solari has an over-70 year experience manufacturing and installing high-technology information display systems in airports around the world.

Modern Airports require much higher capabilities than those offered in the past.



Passenger information requires dedicated systems when it concernes public transport.

Railways, bus stops or underground stations – compared with more controlled environments such as airports or trade centres – need properly designed display systems and instruments conceived for such places.


Roads and motorways

VMS / DMS are a proven technology  as the most effective means of communicating real time traffic information to drivers.

The introduction of VMS / DMS technology has significantly contributed to the increase in traffic safety on roads and highways.


City information

Thanks to more than fifty years of experience as leader in information display systems and time management systems, Solari has developed a complete Solution including products and systems that perfectly fit the need of every public or private company that runs buses and bus stations or bus stops.


Smart ticketing

The local public transport Authorities require today more and more a complete a total management of information and data related to public transport.

The status of vehicles, Real time positions, optimization of used resources, roots and request of passengers as well as ticketing system and payments are the core aspects to develop a modern and profitable transit sector.


Other solutions

LED Lighting, Queue Management Systems, HR solutions, Access Control, Digital Signage, Industrial Clocks, Solari lineadesign, etc.