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Roads and Motorways

VMS / DMS are a proven technology  as the most effective means of communicating real time traffic information to drivers.


Roads & Motorways






VMS / DMS are a proven technology as the most effective means of communicating real-time traffic information to drivers. The introduction of VMS / DMS technology has significantly contributed to the increase in traffic safety on roads and highways.  Another advantage of implementing an advanced VMS / DMS solution is that it may also be used to suggest alternate routes to drivers in order to alleviate heavy congestion conditions.


Solari VMS / DMS products are compliant with all International standards and may be used in any traffic application, including highways, toll stations, road and city information.


Several models are available to address different application requirements, including alphanumeric models (for general purpose messages), full-graphic/full-color models (to display road signs) and semi-graphic models (for non-Western languages such as Arabic).


Dynamic message sign

Dynamic Message Sign

Dynamic Message Sign

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