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Solari has an over-70 year experience manufacturing and installing high-technology information display systems in airports around the world.








Modern Airports require much higher capabilities than those offered in the past.

The most frequently requested features include:

  • A modern fully Web-based suite;

  • Cloud and SaaS;

  • Allocation of airport facilities such as desks, stands, gates, belts, etc.;

  • Statistics and Reporting;

  • State of the Art Digital Signage;

  • Multi-language Audio and Video Management;

  • Integration, Scalability, Reliability and Availability.

    In order to satisfy the above requirements Solari proposes SkyWay 4.0, a modular FIDS comprising a kernel executing basic functions and optional modules which can be added to implement advanced features according to customer needs. SkyWay 4.0 can be implemented as a full-featured FIDS for any Airport.

SkyWay 4.0

SkyWay 4.0 has a modular architecture. The core of the system comprises a Common Database and a number of software modules. It includes the following flights manage- ment functions:

• application business-logic, including data scheme definitions, procedures and triggers;

• database policies, including redundancy mechanisms and data management procedures;

• access control policies, defining user-authorization on available modules;

• web graphic interface.


Information display at security check

Check-in displays

Information display at waiting areas

LED display for advertising (LED wall)

Summary Information Displays

Multipurpose Interactive Kiosk

Infotainment display for lounges

Baggage display

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