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Human resources

Since 1947 the company for the management of human resources.

Human resources

The Software: START

START is a platform that integrates all the application areas that have historically been part of the company’s strategic objectives in the HR field. The range of products that are part of it has been designed both for small and medium-sized companies, and for companies of a certain complexity. The application areas are:

– Data collection / TERM TALK for the transfer of information from the network of terminals to the database of the various application software.

– Time & attendance detection / TIME & WORK for the configuration of contractual rules and meters, customized or legal according to the law, necessary for the calculation of the skills useful for the purposes of the pay slip computer.

– Attendance detection / STARTWEB attendance to calculate the skills to be provided to the payroll program and to manage, through the company Intranet, the flow of justification requests formulated by employees.

– Human Resources / STARTWEB HR for the efficient management of various types of data related to Human Resources.

– Time recording for Cost Centers / TIME & COST for the calculation of the hours of presence and absence divided into the various company cost centers.

– Access Control – CHECK & IN to control access by employees and visitors to restricted areas.

The START solution is highly scalable capable of handling high workloads.

APP solariC

The start / end transactions can be carried out, as well as with the classic badge and a reader terminal, even on the move thanks to the SOLARI applications.


Personnel attendance and access control terminals. 

LBX 2810

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LBX 2910

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