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Solari Academy Article
Solari Academy Article



Innovation and training are two concepts intrinsically linked. Our company demonstrates this with the recent establishment of an Academy aimed at identifying and training talent in the sales sector.

For two weeks, a group of ambitious young people, ready to test themselves on all fronts, have immersed themselves in discovering the world of sales.

Judging from the results and the participants’ enthusiasm, this initial experience seems to have already given its fruits.

The company now aims to cultivate the young individuals who will be selected by offering them job opportunities at the branches in Milan and Modena.

A budding company need led the HR & Marketing Departments, guided by Drs. Katia Bredeon, to opt for an investment in an Academy in collaboration with our long-standing partner, ManPower, rather than a traditional recruitment activity.

Following an introductory evaluation process, we’ve handpicked a collection of individuals who are set not just to vie for a professional prospect, but also to strive for personal development.

Guiding this fascinating educational journey is Dr. Giovanni Cadamuro, a prominent figure in the Italian landscape, known and appreciated for his ability to bring to life the principles of sales and marketing.

Cadamuro led the participants through the complex dynamics of the commercial sector, providing theoretical and practical lessons, coaching sessions, and opportunities for discussion, transforming the Academy into a unique experience thanks to his industry background and his ability to stimulate reflection and dialogue. The young people had the opportunity to acquire new skills and consolidate existing ones, showing determination and enthusiasm for the new challenge awaiting them. 

Alessandro Domeneghetti, Sales Director for Products Italy, followed the young people in the practical session with field simulations.

We can proudly say that their journey has marked the beginning of a new adventure and a bright path for young promises.

This initiative, a symbol of innovation and investment in the future, shows that for SOLARI, the real engine is people, their dreams, and their growth.

We eagerly await the next chapter, knowing that stars, once launched, can do nothing but shine.