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Production reorganization with a view to Industry 4.0

SOLARI has planned an important investment in innovation of its production process with the aim of increasing productivity and traceability of production by resorting to a massive use of digitization technologies of technological areas, analysis of production data and reconfiguration of logistics materials and information in order to reduce waste.



The innovation program includes both the investment in machines and production plants in line with the characteristics of the Industry 4.0 Plan (investments not included in this grant application) and a new IT infrastructure capable of managing the large mass of data produced by technological islands of production and to extract higher level information that allow an improvement of the overall efficiency of the production area. The importance of data also results in the need to protect data (cybersecurity). In this sense, it is necessary to review the processes in both IT and software writing with the final aim of achieving certification according to the international standard ISO / IEC 27001 (Information technology – Security techniques – Security management systems information). In fact, the growing complexity, the availability of data relating to each phase of the production process and the needs of customers in terms of traceability of every aspect of the product throughout the life cycle (from raw materials to disposal) make a new management approach necessary. that considers all the available “information” in a new way: no longer just data to be pigeon-holed in a database, but represents a real asset whose management becomes strategic for the protection and development of the company. In fact, the Information Management System protects: the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company data. With the current model it is believed that much higher level information is lost than mere numerical data and the identification references of components and semi-finished products. Here the ISO 27000 certification allows you to adopt techniques and operational methods to be followed to secure all data.