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SNCF and Trenitalia


The local public transport Authorities require today more and more a complete a total management of information and data related to public transport. The status of vehicles, Real time positions, optimization of used resources, roots and request of passengers as well as ticketing system and payments are the core aspects to develop a modern and profitable transit sector. Now all these aspects must be managed automatically with Real Time application.


SOLARI DI UDINE SPA has developed scalable solutions capable to match all new incoming requests of tranist sector. The Solari’ architecture is characterized by a following Key-aspect:
– Open / prepared for connection with other local public transport management systems: service planning, personnel management, information to the user, accounting system, CRM, etc.
– Flexible / it can be adapted on existing installations and inserted gradually
– Compatible / as it allows the use of different technologies already in use or to be adopted.
– Scalable / the solution is scalable depend on customer request and complexity of the system


The solution is also “integrated” because it allows a true tariff integration between Rubber and Steel, between systems used in railway and underground networks and systems used by public road transport companies.
The electronic payment and fare collection system is the core aspect of local public transport. It allows payment of the tariffs for the services provided to users, but also it constitutes a fundamental infrastructure for the management of services of local public transport. It is also an important marketing tool with a directly and continuous contact to users. The automatic and continuous acquisition of a great volume of information in impersonal way (Big Data) will allow our customers to monitoring the quality and efficiency of services as well as the final perception of customers extremely useful for the optimization.


The actors who move in this market scene are many and this create a mix of solutions of interoperability of the payments of the fee for a service. Different public authorities with different requests, different approaches with different network solutions and methods need a tailor made and integrated solution with full focus on final customer, in order to allow users to access a complex service with a single ticket and a single payment.

The SOLARI DI UDINE SPA solutions, respecting the architecture of existing electronic ticketing and fare collection system adopted by local public transport operators, guarantees the easy integration of the various components and their constant adaptation to new technologies.