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Industrial clocks

Since 1725 the Company of the Time, the international brand of Made-In-Italy design, ingenuity and innovation

Industrial Clocks

That of SOLARI is a story of generations, 300 years long: it was 1725 when the Fratelli Solari company “Ancient and award-winning tower clock factory” was born in Pesariis, a small town in the mountains of Friuli’s Carnia.

With design and production totally Made in Italy, Solari continues to mark the history of time, of industrial watchmaking, of systems for displaying information to the public, from the management of parking areas to large international hubs.

The NTP generation

Solari, which since its distant origins has been a leader in time management, has reconciled tradition and modernity by developing a line of watchmaking products capable of linking our memories to the needs of telematic control or the need to insert the watch within a network of devices.
With clocks of the NTP (Network Time Protocol) generation this is possible. Through a graphic interface, even for a single clock, we can make settings and changes like an extended network of devices controlled by a control panel. Laborious operations that in the past required the intervention of specialized personnel, today are simple and can be performed by anyone, via the integrated webserver on all NTP Solar devices.
In the presence of a traditional system or needs for mixed systems, Solari still offers the possibility of synchronizing and managing the clocks through a bipolar interface.



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